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  1. Is there a charge for parking?

    Paid parking is now in effect. The first hour is free and is $4.00 per day thereafter.

  2. How do I pay for the parking?

    Parking can be paid by cash or credit card. The airport accepts Visa and MasterCard only. Cash can be paid at two locations; one inside and one outside of the terminal. Insert your ticket and payment. The kiosk will mark your ticket as paid. KEEP YOUR TICKET to insert into the parking machine as you leave the parking lot.

  3. Is long-term parking available?

    Yes. The charge is $4.00 per day and can be paid by cash, check or credit. If you plan to park longer than two weeks please contact the Airport Administration office at 435-627-4080 ext. 21.

  4. How to get into the paid parking area?

    At the roundabout on South Airport Parkway, follow to the entrance of the Airport Terminal. The ticket gate access lane will be on your left side. Press button to dispense a parking ticket and gate will open for access.

  5. Can I arrange an airport tour for my group?

    Yes. For school tours and private showings, please contact Airport Secretary, Kathy Babine, by email at Kathy.Babine@sgcity.org or by telephone at 435-627-4080 ext. 21 to make arrangements. Tours will be limited to staff time availability.

  6. What are the ID requirements to board an airplane?

    Security and ID requirements change frequently. For more information, click on the following link to the TSA website www.tsa.gov/

  7. How do I get Information about a flight?

    Contact your airline directly.

  8. How early should I get to the airport?

    About one hour prior to the scheduled flight take off time.

  9. What are Airport Administration Office Hours?

    Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8: 00 am to 5:00 pm.

  10. Will there be taxi or shuttle service on standby at the Airport Terminal?

    No, you will need to make arrangements for these in advance, click on the Airport Shuttle Service link on the Airport home page to find available services.

  11. How do I report lost or found items?

    Lost baggage should be reported to your airline or call the SkyWest counter desk at 435-634-3480. To report personal items (other than baggage) lost on the airport, contact the airport secretary at 435-627-4080 ext. 21.

  12. How Do I Make Reservations for a Flight out of the St. George Airport?

    Contact the airlines directly to make reservations. Telephone numbers are listed below :
    United Airlines: 1-800-864-8331 (for flights to Denver)
    Delta Airlines: 1-800-221-1212 (for flights to Salt Lake City)

  13. Are There Any Car Rental Agencies at the Airport?

    Avis: 435-627-2002
    Budget: 435-673-3825
    Enterprise: 435-673-5647
    Hertz: 435-652-9941
    St. George Taxi: 435-628-8320

  14. Is There A Lost and Found for Items Left In the Terminal Building?

    Yes, please call the Airport Administration Office at 435-627-4080.

  15. Suppose I leave Something on the Airplane?

    Call the Airport Administration Office for a telephone number to Sky West Airlines.

  16. How Can I make Lodging and Other Arrangements for the St. George Area?

    Click on the following link Atozion.com.

  17. What does SGU stand for?

    St. George, Utah

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